Madenat Alelem University College supports Smart Baghdad 2021

Madenat Alelem University College supports Smart Baghdad 2021


Believing in the importance of the role of community members in supporting the directions of the state, societies and its various organizations, we supports the Smart Baghdad 2021 event


Smart Baghdad – Saturday, September 18, 2021 – in the hall of the University College of Al-Turath in Baghdad Al-Mansour.


A group of academics, informatics and engineers interested in the topic of smart cities and smart community applications in the era of digital transformation, are organizing the Smart Baghdad event to spread the culture of smart cities and events, with the help of a number of government institutions and the private sector volunteering and interested in the topic.

We look forward to wide participation and great interest. The ministerial team for e-learning and digital transformation and a number of Among the institutions of higher education and scientific research, and Iraqi public and private universities, including the Madenat Alelem University College, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Electricity, the Baghdad Governorate, Amanat, and other departments in the voluntary educational event, with the large and important participation of the al-Abbas’s Organizing, supporting, supporting, or educating.


The invitation is open to all, knowing that we will broadcast the event via satellite and via Facebook and YouTube, as it is the first event in the organization on the issue in Iraq, and the invitation is public and open.

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