|  Medical Physics Department


The department was founded in the academic year 2014 \ 2015.

It is a branch of applied Physics, which specializes in the application of the principles of physics to the diagnosis of diseases and sometimes their treatment. A significant number of tools and techniques based on physical principled have proven their effectiveness in modern medical practice.

 The pressing need for higher accuracy and precision in the methods of diagnosis and treatment, and the growing demand for improvement in their performance, lead to the emergence of Medical Physics. The medical physicist is not only tasked with the effective and accurate operation of existing tools, but also to continue developing new techniques and tools that better meet the medical increasing demands.     

The department of medical physics awards graduates a Bachelor of Science in Medical Physics.




First Year:  
First Semester 
1 Biology I
2 General chemistry I
3 Introductory programming of scientists I
4 Modern mathematics I
5 Physics I
6 Orientation 1
7 University requirements I
Second Semester 
1 Biology  II
2 General chemistry  II
3 Introductory programming of scientists  II
4 Modern mathematics  II
5 Physics II
6 Medical terminology
7 University requirements  II


 Second Year:  
First Semester 
1 Medical chemistry 
2 Calculus and geometry
3 Probability and statistics I
4 Introduction to medical physics I
5 Electricity and magnetism
Second Semester 
1 Dynamic systems differential equations
2 Bio physics
3 Probability and statistics II
4 Introduction to medical physics II
5 Photonic and optical devices


Medical Physics Department syllabus,



Third Year:  
First Semester 
1 Cell biology I
2 Numerical analysis
3 Nuclear physics / radiation protection 
4 Medical instrumentations I
5 Medical electronics
Second Semester 
1 Thermodynamics and statistical physics
2 Modeling in medical physics
3 anatomy
4 Medical instrumentations  II


Fourth Year:  
First Semester 
1 Physiology
2 Medical imaging
3 Radiation biology
4 Training  I
5 Medical physics thesis I
Second Semester 
1 Laser in medicine
2 Image analysis
3 Training   II
4 Medical physics thesis II