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The history of Madenat al-Elem University College ( MAUC ) is a narrative response to its society’s needs. It has been incorporated in 2004 by permission from the “ Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ” in accordance with the “Private universities and colleges law No. (13) / 1996 ”, which was recently replaced by the “Private Education Law No. (25) / 2016”. However, the institution which thus became a University College had earlier origins dating back to 1932 when its parent Islamic teaching school was founded in the Holy city of Kadhimiya. The college was granted the full status in 2010 when it was officially licensed according to the decisions of the general secretariat of the Iraqi “ Council of Ministers ” No. (95) / 2010. Since its establishment, the college has been working in consent with the regulations and instructions issued by the Iraqi “ Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ”.