|  Law Department


The law department was established in the academic year 2004/2005, the same year the college was founded.

The duration of the study is four calendar years, where graduates are awarded a bachelor's degree in law. The graduate has the right to belong to the bar association and to obtain its identity to practice law and the association of Iraqi jurists.

The study at the department of law aims at what follows: –

  1. preparing legal cadres capable of facing contemporary legal developments.
  2. to enable the student to obtain a level of knowledge in the fields of law so that he can find solutions to the various legal problems that face him in the practical field.
  3. Preparation of lawyers and legal staff who are able to practice all legal profession and in all sectors (public, private, mixed).
  4. Encouraging scientific research in the field of law and contributing to solving the issues of society and keeping pace with legislative developments in the country.

Holding seminars and training courses on legal subjects and spreading the legal and knowledge culture in different circles.




First Year: Second Year:
2The constitutional law
3Introduction to law study
4History of law and Hammurabi law
5Islamic law
6Criminology and punishment
7Human rights
8Introduction to law and terminology in English
9Computer skills
10Arabic language
2Personal status
3General penal code
4Administrative law
5Commercial law
6General principles

Public finance and financial legislation

8Computer skills
9Political systems
10Administrative law in English


Third Year: Fourth Year:
1General international
2Special penalties
3Commercial companies
4Civil contracts
5Administrative judiciary
6Legal research assets
7Proclaims, proofs and lawyers law
8Foundations of criminal courts
1Rights in kinds
2International private law
3proceedings and proofs and lawyers law
4Commercial papers
5Foundations of criminal courts
6International organizations
7Criminal investigation and forensic medicine
8English language
9Execution law
10Graduation research