|  Civil Engineering Department


This department was established in the same year (MEUC) was established i.e. 2004 / 2005. The main aim of the department is to qualify and graduate specialized computer engineers capable to deal with the rapid advances in computer engineering and information technology. Therefore, the department is continually updating and fine tuning its programs of study. The graduate is awarded a B.Sc. degree in computer software engineering. The syllabus of the courses is shown in the tables below,




First Year: Second Year:
1 Mathematics
2 Engineering Mechanics
3 Building Material
4 Computer Programming
5 Engineering Drawing
6 Engineering Statistics
7 Engineering Geology
8 Workshop
9 Technical English
10 Arabic language
1 Surveying
2 Mathematics
3 Mechanics of Material
4 Computer Programming
5 Fluid Mechanics
6 Building Construction
7 Concrete Technology
8 Freedom & Democracy


show the syllabus of the courses.


Third Year: Fourth Year:
1 Theory of Structures
2 Soil Mechanics
3 Eng. Management and economy
4 Reinforced Concrete
5 Water Resources
6 Engineering Analysis
7 Traffic Engineering
8 Computer Applications in Civil   Engineering
9 Numerical Methods
1 Steel Design
2 Foundation Engineering
3 Transportation Engineering
4 Sanitary & environmental Engineering
5 Construction Methods & Quantity Surveying
6 Reinforced Concrete Design
7 Selected Topics in Hydraulic Structures
8 Engineering Project
9 Hydrology