|Computer Engineering Techniques Department


This is one of the first departments of ( MEUC ), beginning in the academic year 2005 / 2006 .  The aim of the department is to produce qualified engineers specialized in all technical aspects of computers and digital communication systems. The courses in this department cover the subjects of computer electronics, control systems and most programming systems. The graduates are awarded a B.Sc. degree in computer hardware engineering. According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research yearly evaluation, the department has a good history of excellence, it usually receives a high rank in the yearly competitive examination compared to the peer departments at other colleges. The syllabus below shows all taught subjects including some elective courses,




First Year: Second Year:

Democracy and Human Rights

2Mathematics (1)
3Engineering Drawing
5Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
6Computer Organization
7Computer Programming (1)
8Digital Electronics

Computer Applications

2Mathematics (11)
3Microprocessor Architecture
4Instrumentation and Measurements
5Computer Programming (11)
6Communication Fundamentals


Third Year: Fourth Year:
1Electronic System Simulators
2Engineering Analysis
3Control Engineering Fundmentals
4Power Elctronics
5Real Time Systems Design
6Digital Signal Processing
7Digital Controllers
8Elective Course
1Smart Systems Modeling
2Advanced Computer Technology
3Computer Interface Circuits Design
4Advanced Digital Electronics
5Project Management
6Computer Networks
7Elective Course
► Elective Courses: 
Third Year
1Digital communication
2Digital systems design
3Computer Aided Design
Fourth Year
1Image processing
2Systems Automations
3Multimedia Computing
4Intelligent Control of Robots