|  Accounting Department


Accounting department was established in the academic year 2011-2012. Since then it has been tasked with preparing competent accountants who have an accounting knowledge that keeps pace with the development of economic units. It also aims to prepare staff with qualifications suitable for employment in firms and establishments where accounting may be specialization or inclusive. The curriculum and the assistance provided to the student during the years of study in theory and practice, make it possible to employ them in the professional practice through the processes of recording, analysis and measurement, in addition to assisting the administration in decision-making. The period of study in the accounting department is four years, after which the graduate is granted a B.Sc. degree in accounting. The graduate has the right to obtain membership and identity card of the Iraqi Accountants Association.




First Year:  
First Semester 
1 Financial Accounting(1)
2 Business Administration Principles
3 Economics Principles
4 Computer’s Skills(1)
5 Arabic Language
Second Semester 
1 Financial Accounting(2)
2 General Mathematics(1)
3 Statistics Principles
4 Computers’ Skills (2)
5 Accounting Readings& Correspondence In English
6 Human Rights& Democracy



 Second Year:  
First Semester 
1 Intermediate Accounting (1)
2 Governmental Accounting  (1)
3 Accounting In English (1)
4 Marketing& E- Trade
5 Business Law
6 Accounting Application In Computer’s
7 General Mathematics(2)
Second Semester 
1 Intermediate Accounting (2)
2 Governmental Accounting  (2)
3 Accounting For Nonprofit Organization
4 Public Finance
5 Accounting Operation Research In English
6 Accounting In English (2)



Accounting Department syllabus,



Third Year:  
First Semester 
1 Cost Accounting  (1)
2 Corporate Accounying
3 Uniform Accounting System (1)
4 Tax Accounting
5 Financial statements Analysis In English
6 Accounting  For Financial Enterprises
Second Semester 
1 Advanced Financial Accounting
2 Natural Resources Accounting
3 Uniform Accounting System (2)
4 Cost Accounting  (2)
5 Auditing & Control
6 Accounting Training



Fourth Year:  
First Semester 
1 Advanced Cost Accounting In English (1)
2 Specialized Systems Accounting
3 International Auditing Standards
4 Managerial Accounting In English (1)
5 International Accounting
6 Methodology& Ethics Of Scientific Research
Second Semester 
1 Managerial Accounting In English (2)
2 Advanced Cost Accounting In English (2)
3 International financial Reporting Standards
4 Accounting Theory
5 Accounting Information System
6 Graduation Research Project