| Department of Anesthesia and intensive care techniques

The department of anesthesia and intensive care techniques was founded in the academic year 2017/2018, with assistance from the Iraqi ministry of health. It is the first of its kind in Iraq in the private education institutions. The aim of our department is to train and qualify specialized cadre capable of working in the field of anesthesia as anesthetist assistant in operating theatres and respiratory care unit in line with the medical development in Iraq.

Our graduates are awarded the Bachelor’s degree in anesthesia and intensive care techniques and function as anesthetist assistance.

First Year: Second Year:
1 Clinical Chemistry
2 Medical Physics
3 Physiology
4 Biology
5 Occupational manner
6 Anatomy
7 Computer applications for health science 
8 Human Rights and Democracy  
1 Anesthesia (1)
2 Anesthetic Equipment's Technology (1)
3 Applied Physiology
4 Medicine (1)
5 Pharmacology
6 Surgery (1)
7 Medical terminology
8 Statistics


Third Year: Fourth Year:
1 Anesthesia (2)
2 Anesthetic Equipment's Technology(2)
3 Intensive Care Technology (1)  
4 Medicine(2)  
5 Computer Applications
6 Surgery (2)
1 Anesthesia (3)
2 Intensive Care Technology (2)  
3 Anesthetic Equipment's Technology (3)
4 Nursing
5 Medicine & surgery