|  Department of Biology


The Department of biological Sciences is considered as a pillar in the progress of society. It aims to provide the country with scientific and technical expert graduates who are highly qualified to work in the fields of biological sciences at its various branches in the society and state institutions. The students will be gain valuable experience in the analysis of pathogenesis, microorganisms, fungi and other living organisms and their relationship to the environment and society. They can also play a leading role in prevention and treatment and reduce the spread through culture and public awareness as well as the utilizing biotechnology research and genetic engineering techniques for the development of industry in the country in various related fields such as medical, chemical and protection of environment through, recycling and treatment of liquid and sold waste biological control and reduce usage of fertilizer and pesticides. 

After 4 academic years, graduates are awarded a B.Sc. degree in biology. The syllabus of the courses is shown in the tables below,



First Year:


First Semester
1 Cell Biology
2 Biophysics
3 Organic Chemistry
4 Mathematical Biology
5 Computer Science I
6 Human rights
Second Semester
1 Cytology
2 Geology
3 Analytical Chemistry
4 Biostatistics
5 Computer Science II
6 Arabic Language
7 Freedom and Democracy 


Second Year:


First Semester
1 Invertebrate
2 Entomology
3 Biochemistry I
4 Plant Groups
5 Plant Anatomy
6 General Microbiology I
Second Semester


2 Development and Biodiversity (elective)
3 Analytical Chemistry
4 General Microbiology II
5 Plant Taxonomy
6 Programing



Third Year:


First Semester
1 Ecology

Microbial Physiolog


Plant Physiology

4 Pathogenic Bacteria
5 Immunology

Toxins (elective)

Second Semester


2 Medicine Plants
3 Animal Physiology
4 Antibiotics (elective)
5 Genetics
6 Mycology



Fourth Year:


First Semester
1 Molecular Biology and Microbial Genetics
2 Food Microbiology
3 Clinical Analyses
4 Embryology (elective)
5 Helminthology (elective)

Research project

Second Semester

Genetic Engineering

2 Biotechnology
3 Virology
4 Soil Microbiology
5 Serology (elective)

Research Project