The Women Empowerment Committee at the Madenat Alelem University College hold its first meeting

The Women Empowerment Committee at Madenat Alelem University College discussed the goals, visions, and ways of action that must be followed to achieve the goals and objectives for which this committee was formed.

In addition to discussing the 16-day plan, which is the annual campaign that aims to eliminate violence against women and starts from the twenty-fifth of November until the sixth of December of every year .

This came during the meeting hold by the committee in the university college building under the supervision of Dr. Duaa Kadhim Mansoor and in the presence of all members of the Women Empowerment Committee.

The committee reviewed the goals and activities that it identified in the action plan and the mechanisms for its implementation, and the committee stressed the importance of unifying the efforts of all members, including the efforts of men, because the activities of the women’s empowerment unit are not limited to women only, but also men participate due to the nature of work in our college


The committee identified a set of main pillars in managing its work represented by (the necessity of involving civil society organizations and cooperating with them in implementing some activities and circulating a book to the departments that includes the activities related to women in each department of the college.