A training course held by the Continuing Education Unit in the Planning Department on the preparation of agricultural media and methods of culturing bacteria

The Continuing Education Unit in the Planning Department, in cooperation with the Department of Biology, organized a training course about the preparation of agricultural media, methods of cultivation and diagnosis of bacteria. The participants were a number of students and graduates of the Department of Biology and postgraduate students specializing in microbiology and a number of affiliates and specialists in agricultural, biological and chemical affairs from inside and outside the college.

The course aimed to acquaint graduate and elementary students with the importance of culture media, their types and components, the purpose of their use, as well as the methods of preparing them to diagnose bacteria.

The workshop were prepared by  lecturer Mr. Murtadha Nabeel Abdel-Ghani, Lecturer Mr. Ammar Bassem Karim, Lecturer Mr. Bariq Nihad and Lecturer Mrs. Marwa Alaa Hadab, who gave a full explanation of the agricultural community, cultivation and diagnosis of bacteria, introduced the methods of how microbiology grows in vivo.

Finally, clarify the physical and chemical properties that in turn affect the agricultural medium and its components, methods of diagnosing and cultivating bacteria.