The virtual court in the Law Department discusses the amended Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959

Within the curriculum of the Law Department at Madenat Alelem University College MAUC, the virtual court was held by the retired judge Nassif Abdullah, which included a pleading session in the wife’s alimony lawsuit from the Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959 as amended, which included four legal articles: 23,24,28,31.

The lawsuit also dealt with the types of temporary expenses, past alimony, continuous alimony and the maintenance of the kit, as a hypothetical court was formed for this lawsuit. Articles 1128 and 1129 of the Civil Code.

Judge Nassif Abdullah explained what the concept of preemption is / owning the sold property against the buyer, with the price and expenses that he owed

Preemption is only entitled to the partner in the dwelling house or apartment, provided that the plaintiff, when filing the pre-emption lawsuit, deposits half the price of the property in the court’s box, provided that he pays the rest of the price before the conclusion of the pleading. The company or division and the expenses and procedures required for that, thus ending the state of commonality.