The Continuing Education Unit organised a lecture entitled “Optical Cable Welding”

Under the auspices of Assistant Professor Dr. Saeed Selman Kamoon, Dean of Madenat Alelem University  College, and in cooperation with the Department of Computer Technology Engineering, the Continuing Education Unit held a lecture entitled Welding Optical Cable, which was given by Assiss. Prof. Dr. Donia Zaki Mohammad, and lasted for two days.

The lecture aimed to teach how to solder the optical cable in the device designated for this, and to learn the methods of preparing the cable before the welding process with high accuracy.

The lecture also included an introduction to optical cable communications and types of optical cables, an explanation of their interior design, and shedding light on the best types of cable welding machines.

The lecture recommended the necessity of choosing the appropriate tool for working in this aspect, as well as choosing the appropriate device for welding and how to distinguish between the different existing cables and the extent of their application separately.