The Department of Medical Physics receives first-year students for the academic year 2021-2022

Assistant Professor Dr. Wassef Al-Obaidi, Head of the Department of Medical Physics and the teaching staff received the new students accepted for the academic year 2022/2021.

The students of the first stage were welcomed and congratulated on the start of the new academic year. Students were also instructed on rights, duties, commitment and discipline according to the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Higher Education and University College of Science.

The department staff made great efforts to prepare all possibilities to receive new students in the first stage to facilitate the process of their entry into the department.

The department rapporteur Assistant lecurer Ali Talib made an introductory tour of the college corridors and all the department’s laboratories, stressing the college’s keenness to provide all its capabilities for the success of the educational process, wishing the college’s dear students a year full of success and excellence, and that it would be a good year for everyone crowned with successes.