Sustainability Accounting: Opportunities and Challenges “An electronic lecture hosted by the Continuing Education Unit”

Under the patronage of the Dean of Madeant Alelem University  College, Assistant Professor Dr. Saeed Selman Kamoon, in cooperation with the Accounting Department,The Continuing Education Unit held an electronic lecture entitled: “Accounting for Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges”

It was given by teacher Ruaa Hussein Abdel Hussein from the Accounting Department. The lecture included a statement of the role of sustainability accounting in describing the activities that have a direct impact on society, the environment and the economic performance of the institution, as well as identifying the nature of sustainability accounting in enhancing the quality of accounting information in institutions and companies.

It also included introducing the concept of sustainability accounting and clarifying the importance of dimensions Sustainability accounting in preparing integrated lists and showing opportunities and challenges as a result of their application

The lecture explained that the main objective of sustainability accounting is to measure sustainable performance and whether it is measurable at this level.