An inspection tour of the Dean of the Madenat Alelem University College to the scientific and research laboratories

The assistant professor, Dr. Saeed Selman Kamoon, the dean of the university college,and the assistant professor Dr. Hussein Hamed Ahmed, director of the Planning and Follow-up Department, and Professor Essam Atta Ajaj, the Secretary of University College Council, inspected a field tour of the educational and research laboratories in the college.

During which they were briefed on the work mechanism followed in it. They were also acquainted with the work done in the computer laboratories prepared by the college for the purposes of the scientific assessment exam for the Nursing Department.

The Dean also met with Dr. Aws Hammadi Kurdi, the technical official in charge of setting up the computer-technology laboratories and linking them to the Internet.

He listened to an explanation from the people in charge of this laboratory about its basic role in supplementing the educational and research process with the results of experiments and scientific tests conducted in it with the aim of achieving a high quality and standard in education and scientific research.

It should also be noted that Madenat Alelem Universit College has prepared computer laboratories with the latest computers according to high specifications and within the specifications of the approved standard laboratories in order to conduct the scientific sobriety exam and give lectures to dear students by the best scientific means.